Management Board and Management Board Members

Of European companies (SE), joint stock corporation (AG) and registered cooperatives (eG) will be advised and represented on the following topics:

– Management board member’s service agreement (remuneration, synchronization clause, etc.)

– Direction and business management

– Duty of care and duty of loyalty

– Annual general meeting and general assembly

– Accounting and financial reporting

– Compliance within the company

– Acquisition and sale of companies, parts of companies and investments

– Renovation and restructuring

– Crisis of the company

– Approval requirements

– Rules of Procedure

– Group management

– Supervisory Board (reporting, approval requirements, etc.)

– Discharge of the Management Board Members

– Liability

– – Due to breach of the duty of care

– – In the context of crisis and bankruptcy

– – In measures of raising and maintenance of capital

– Dismissal and resignation